Republicans and diversity

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli recently hosted a roundtable discussion in Richmond with a dozen women business and community leaders from the area. And according to the Cuccinelli campaign, the Republican nominee for governor led the group in an open-ended ...

Can you hear me now, Uncle Sam?

You can imagine my feelings when I recently found out that good old Uncle Sam was checking up on my phone calls, email messages and the rest of the social networking. Finally, somebody is really watching out for me. It ...

Will Father's Day be different for black America?

When I wrote my book, "A Call to Destiny: How to Create Effective Ways to Assist Black Boys in America", my co-author and I were able to analyze what was happening to young black boys in America. We found some ...

The Boy Scouts are no longer "morally straight"

When the Boy Scouts of America's leadership voted to allow openly homosexual kids to become Boy Scouts, they in that one act sold their souls to the devil.

Obama’s troubles aren’t comparable to ‘Watergate’

The Obama administration deserves to be richly criticized for surreptitiously obtaining the telephone records of reporters for the Associated Press, especially for bypassing court proceedings that would have allowed executives of the news organizations an opportunity to at least argue ...