New children's book wages anti-bullying campaign

The children’s tale offers a relatable story full of pertinent information young readers can apply to their own lives in school or on the playground.

New kid's book teaches ‘The Art of Peace’

In the book, profiles of some of some of the most well-known peace advocates, such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, the Dalai Lama, are juxtaposed alongside Hazel Quintanilla’s whimsical artwork in the book and what they had to say about ...

No place for race: Making leadership accountable

It's a fact that 94% of black people are killed by black people, but what is being done about this? Nothing – only finger pointing and accusations stemming from things that happened more than 40 years ago.

Author on why marriage is not an option for black women

Maria Brinson-Sampson, an attorney, marriage consultant and author of "I Am The Marrying Kind: A Guide to Getting Married, Staying Married and Being Happily Married" notes that 70 percent of black women are not married and that infidelity in black ...

Book offers hope to people dealing with obesity issues

Lynette Goode’s book “Determined to Live: How I Endured 48 Surgeries Due to Gastric Bypass” is meant to heighten awareness about obesity through her personal struggle with the issue.

Phil Jackson details Jordan/Kobe comparison in book

In his new book, co-written with Hugh Delehanty and entitled “Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success,” Phil Jackson breaks down what separated Jordan from Bryant, the biggest stars and personalities that he coached during his Hall of Fame career. The ...