Funeral plans still pending for Richmond radio personality

“Mitch was the calm in the storm," said radio One Vice-President and General Manager Linda Forem. "He has without a doubt one of the best most soothing voices to ever be on Richmond radio or television.

Greening the Hood: Is clean energy reaching poor communities?

For Adama Mosley, a resident of the West Oakland neighborhood known as “Ghosttown,” having solar panels installed on her home was “a dream come true.” Mosely had long been concerned about pollution from freeways and nearby brownfields (contaminated former industrial ...

Students take part in Thanksgiving reenactment

Students dressed in authentic Pilgrim and Indian clothing that they made themselves. They also took turns explaining how they came to live in America (what ship they rode on, where they landed, why they came, who assisted them when they ...

New recount rules give Obenshain hope

Around the nation, statewide recounts between 2000 and 2009 resulted in an average margin swing of 296 votes between the frontrunners, representing 0.027 percent of the statewide vote in those elections, according to the Center for Voting and Democracy.

Henrico considers May 1 start for meals tax

Before a meals tax could apply in Henrico, the Board of Supervisors would have to approve an ordinance establishing an effective date and other details, such as parameters for what purchases would be taxed. The board is expected to receive ...

USS Gravely returns from maiden deployment

While on station, Gravely participated in exercises to increase interoperability between the U.S. Navy and our allies. Specific events included conducting an exercise with the Hellenic Navy and U.S. Special Operations Forces, as well as bilateral exercises with the Israeli ...

Cutting food assistance is more than morally wrong

So the issue is not America's resources of income and land, it is our choices in the distribution of our resources. Presumably, this value proposition was settled when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the 1964 Food Stamp Act into law, ...

Military consultant moves to Langley Research and Development Park

Threat Tec is expanding and moving to Hampton.

Overnight traffic delays

Newport News will experience significant traffic delays over the next few days.

SunTrust honors first Black U.S. Army Master Diver

SunTrust Bank recently recognized three U.S. Army veterans.

State senator 'distressed' over AG fundraising

“I am extremely distressed and concerned that the attorney general would fundraise for his friend Senator Obenshain at this time," said McEachin. "As our attorney general, Mr. Cuccinelli has oversight responsibilities for the looming recount. As the chief lawyer for ...

General asks for U.S. warships in typhoon relief

Marine Corps Brig. Gen. Paul Kennedy told CNN he needs immediate dispatch of U.S. Navy amphibious ships that carry equipment that can make potable water and the variety of helicopters, small boats, trucks and other supplies needed in the relief ...

AG cliffhanger puts provisional ballots to test Friday

Voters have until Friday to bring a copy of their ID to their local electoral board and explain why they voted provisionally.

Black voters were a big reason McAuliffe won in Virginia

McAuliffe won black voters by a 90-8 percent margin, a similar spread to the 93-6 percent President Barack Obama ran up in the 2012 presidential election in the Old Dominion.

City crime trends downward in Richmond

[RPD] is a very focused department, said Major Scott Booth. “We try to go with what works. We try to put police officers focused in the right areas and focused on the right people. We don’t believe in ‘we’re going ...