GOP calls Dems’ Senate takeover ‘outrageous power grab’

In what Republicans called “a Virginia version of Harry Reid’s nuclear option,” Democrats invoked new rules giving them control of all state Senate committees. With Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam casting the tie-breaker Tuesday, the evenly split Senate was reorganized ...

SOTU promises 'year of action'; but did speech say enough?

Finally. That was the general sentiment expressed by Black economic activists in response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union (SOU) speech this week – a speech that surpassed previous SOUs in dealing with economic woes that disparately affect ...

Suffolk to provide tour of Underground Railroad

"The Underground Railroad Experience: Moses Grandy Slave Narrative, Great Dismal Swamp and Hampton Roads Historic Sites" is a monthly day bus tour traveling throughout Hampton Roads.

Richmond Juvenile Detention Center receives certification

Less than two years after it was unceremoniusly closed over unsafe conditions brought to light by the Virginia State Conference NAACP, the city’s Juvenile Detention Center has been certified for three years. The unsafe conditions included broken equipment, lack of ...

Local events to commemorate Monday’s MLK Day of Service

This year’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day marks the 60th anniversary of the end of segregation. Held on Monday, Jan. 20, the federal holiday will continue its National Day of Service designation. A time when Americans are urged to re-commit ...

Development of 21st Century Science Park

Hampton is planning to develop a 21st Century Science Park.

Why does he get a pass for cheating but she doesn't

There are different views on the subject of cheating. How do you feel about it?

Regional jail resolve: Increase rate or inmates?

The Hampton Roads Regional Jail is struggling with ideas on how to pay bills.

Advancing and achieving the dream

If Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were alive, he would have turned 85 on Jan. 15. Since his death in 1968, so much has changed … and yet, so much has remained the same. Accordingly, we must continue to “live ...

Guardians reflect on downward trend of crime in Richmond

Richmond Guardian Angels Commander Jo White is celebrating a steady decline in crime over the past few years and is hopeful that it remains that way. White notes that in 2007, the city ranked as fifth worst city with populations ...

GA convenes with focus on budget, mental health reform

McAuliffe is focused on policy goals that include expanding Medicaid under President Barack Obama's signature health care law, the Affordable Care Act. The expansion that McAuliffe has said would provide 400,000 Virginians with health care coverage and pump $5 million ...

Lettuce bikinis launch vegetarian campaign

Norfolk's freezing temperatures may have broken records from 18 years ago on Tuesday, but that didn't stop PETA's "Lettuce Ladies" from hitting the Monticello Station in bikinis made out of lettuce. They were there to distribute free veggie burgers to ...

Richmond’s photo red light warning period extended

The Richmond Police Department is in the process of implementing a photo red light enforcement system at the intersection of Elkhardt and Hull Streets. As part of the implementation process, the Department began issuing warnings rather than citations to red ...

Free pass for military through PreCheck lines

Another concession will be made for brave men and women who defend our country.

New Black history museum opens in Portsmouth

A new museum on the Southside holds artifacts that tell the story of Blacks in Portsmouth.