Petersburg superintendent delivers address to stakeholders

5/15/2014, 9:10 a.m.
Petersburg City Public Schools superintendent Dr. Joseph Melvin presented the accomplishments and areas of needed growth within the school division.
During an interactive meeting, PCPS superintendent discussed with those in attendance how they could strengthen relationships with PCPS.

The Superintendent of Petersburg City Public Schools (PCPS), Dr. Joseph Melvin, held a Stakeholders’ Meeting to deliver a detailed account of accomplishments and areas of needed growth within the school division.

“We must prepare students to be competitive in higher education, we must improve reading and math at all levels, especially in grades K-8, and we must better prepare our students for the workforce,” said Melvin.

Nearly 40 stakeholders, business partners, faith based partners and community members attended the event.

“It’s a pleasure to be participating in a group like this that’s working together to enrich the lives of students. It’s vital that we create a path to accomplishing the American dream for PCPS students,” said Dr. Edward Raspiller, President of John Tyler Community College.

Dr. Melvin highlighted the need for community support stating, “I want to work proactively with you regarding the improvement of our schools. I’m not asking for money. I am asking for great minds to collaborate to solve problems that will benefit our students and ultimately our city."

Nancy Elzie, School Liaison Officer for Fort Lee, agrees. “There are a lot of people in this community who want to give back to make Petersburg City and PCPS better. We have units at Fort Lee that are required to provide community service and we are more than willing to lend our support,” said Elzie.

“Moving forward, I hope school leaders continue to pull-in community members and stakeholders because it’s a great value. We’re willing to support PCPS. However, we do need guidance on how to best apply our resources to the school division,” said Lorin Sodell, Manufacturing Executive – Crosspointe with Rolls Royce.

During the interactive meeting, those in attendance asked questions and discussed how they could strengthen relationships with PCPS.

“I have excellent information to share with Virginia State University (VSU). I’m impressed. I had another meeting this morning but I wanted to be here to hear about the state of PCPS. I like what I’m hearing and this meeting will help VSU build on its relationship with PCPS,” said Dr. Delores Greene, Dean of the College of Education at VSU.