Author pens about sex based on Bible standards

3/18/2014, 11:13 a.m.

Author Teressa Diane Irby-Dempsey has released her new book, “Sex: According to the Bible,” to encourage Christians to think about making love in a whole new way.

Inside the guidebook published by Tate Publising, readers learn where in the Bible God encourages Christians to express their longings, why sex is so much more than physical gratification and more.

“Sex: According to the Bible” is an open, frank, and approachable book that finally lays out exactly why sex is not only acceptable, but encouraged by scripture. At the same time, it promotes a responsible and traditional approach to relationships one that values self-respect, the well-being of others, and the will of God.

What does God have to say about enjoying sex? Here's the answer that just might shock you: Plenty.

Sex, notes author Teressa Irby Dempsey, is good certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

"Rather, it's God's gift for us to fully explore, enjoy, and cherish if we follow His instruction book," she notes. "In fact, God commands us to in the Bible, and not just in the famous verse about going forth and multiplying, and that's where this book comes in."

Inside, you'll learn:

  • Where in the Bible God encourages us to express our longings;

  • Why sex is so much more than physical gratification;

  • How appreciating the spirituality of sex will enhance a feeling of intimacy with your partner;

  • How modern understanding of sex-even among so-called Christians is tilting away from the Bible;

  • Learn what the Bible really says about sex before marriage;

  • How homosexuality, pornography, temptation and so much more were fully explained in Scripture and why what made sense then is still God's law today.