"Working Together" Tour

Jordan Crawford | 6/4/2014, 1:32 p.m.
Sen. Warner fought hard to stop sequestration cuts and worked with members of the Virginia delegation to ensure that ship construction money was restored.

For the third stop on his “Working Together” tour, Sen. Mark Warner went to MHI Ship Repair and Services in Norfolk last Thursday to join supporters, elected officials and community leaders in discussing his bipartisan efforts to promote the region’s shipbuilding industry.

Senator Warner fought hard to stop sequestration cuts and worked with members of the Virginia delegation to ensure that ship construction money was restored.

Senator Warner also highlighted his record on behalf of the Commonwealth and how he will continue to work with both Republicans and Democrats to solve the problems we face as a nation.

As Governor, Mark Warner helped bring nearly 130,000 jobs to Virginia, and helping it earn the designation as the nation’s best state for business and the best-managed state. Elected to the U.S. Senate during the 2008 recession, Sen. Warner had a key role in successfully enacting bipartisan Wall Street reforms.

One of the earlier investors in Nextel, a wireless service operator, Warner recalls having started multiple small businesses that eventually failed. He’s now a champion for Virginia’s small businesses and recognizes the role they play in our economy.

“Small businesses and startups create and support the bulk of our country’s job and economic growth, and that’s why I have partnered with Virginia’s Main Street businesses to strengthen their access to financing and promote fairness in the marketplace,” he said.

Warner has worked with the National Retail Federation to improve the Affordable Care Act by easing its regulatory and paperwork burdens on small business owners.

Widely viewed as a consensus-builder in Congress, Sen. Warner has worked for greater fiscal accountability, and he is a bipartisan leader in promoting innovation and greater economic opportunity.

Being that Hampton Roads is home to multiple colleges and universities and currently, the cost of tuition is skyrocketing. Warner seeks to make getting a college education more affordable and help college graduates refinance their loans at lower interest rates.

“I have proposed the ‘Student Right to Know Before You Go’ legislation which would give prospective students and their families the tools to compare graduation rates, possible debt for colleges, and future earning potential for particular areas of study.”

Warner has spoken with numerous college students and recent graduates and found they were postponing buying homes, investing in new businesses, or starting families due to the burden of paying off enormous student debt.

Warner suggests we should distinguish loan payments with income levels.

“When our Virginia young professionals suffer, our economy suffers. If we don’t get this student debt issue fixed, it’s going to be the next financial crisis,” Senator Warner said. “Massive student debt doesn’t just cripple recent graduates, but it’s going to have dramatic effects on those of us who are even way beyond college.”

This is part of a push for workforce development. Warner says funding should go to providing career ready technical certifications to those K-12 students.

As Governor of Virginia, Warner toughened standards making a historic investment in water quality improvements.

Seeking to tap into clean energy technology, Warner along with Sen. Tim Kaine pushed the USDA to realize the Chesapeake Bay’s importance and designating it as a Critical Conservation Area last Thursday, which will allow for more job opportunities in Virginia.