Richmond’s photo red light warning period extended

1/2/2014, 11:27 a.m.

The Richmond Police Department is in the process of implementing a photo red light enforcement system at the intersection of Elkhardt and Hull Streets. As part of the implementation process, the Department began issuing warnings rather than citations to red light violators on Dec. 2. Originally slated to last 30 days, the warning period has been extended.

"The Richmond Police Department’s goal is to improve safety at this intersection,” said Captain Will Smith, who oversees the program. “We want to ensure that all electronic systems employed by the Department are in compliance with national standards and department guidelines. As this is an entirely new process for Richmond, additional time is needed to verify both those criteria. The Richmond Police Department is working with the vendor and the city's Traffic Engineering Department to complete pending tasks. The extension of the warning period is not anticipated to be lengthy."

From Dec. 2 (10:30 a.m.) through Dec. 25 (6 p.m.) the department issued 337 warnings to red light violators.

“We encourage all motorists to obey traffic signals and stop signs at every intersection in the city,” said Captain Smith. “Safe driving is the best way to prevent accidents and injuries.”

The department will publically announce in advance the date it will switch to issuing citations rather than warnings for violations observed by the photo red light enforcement system.