Virginia-based carrier challenges status quo

Offers customers true wireless freedom

2/25/2014, 3:17 p.m.

Paying for more wireless than you actually need? Have a teen that exceeds your family data limits month after month, leaving you with hefty overages and surprise charges? Or, are you simply tired of trying to read the fine print and find the best value for you and your family? You’re not alone, and that’s why nTelos Wireless is changing the wireless experience, urging consumers to stand up and demand more.

nTelos is spearheading a revolution that the company says is soundly based on industry-wide consumer attitudes and behaviors. Wireless consumers are concerned about surprise charges, data limits, hidden fees and paying for services never used. Many families can’t afford for everyone to have a smartphone, and nearly half of wireless consumers that leave their providers do so because prices continue to escalate.

“Wireless for the People is more than a tagline or an ad campaign, it’s about creating a revolution for wireless freedom and taking a positive stand for wireless consumers,” said Jim Hyde, president and CEO of nTelos Wireless. “Wireless for the People is about freedom. It’s about never having to worry about hidden fees, data overage charges, or paying for features you don’t need. Instead, we developed a strategy to deliver more. More phones, more lines, more data, and more control. nTelos has always been the best value in wireless, and that value is more evident now than ever before.”

nControl, a nationwide wireless rate plan launched in late 2013, is one way nTelos is bringing the Wireless for the People concept to life. With nControl, customers have the flexibility to build their wireless plan based on specific family or individual needs. From one line of service to 12, nControl can be customized with voice, data and messaging options that offer consumers everything they want, and nothing they don’t. There’s also an option for truly unlimited data, so consumers can use their smartphones and never have to worry about surprise charges.

“nControl simplifies the wireless experience and makes it easy for individuals and families to build their own best value plan,” said Hyde. “Traditionally, wireless plans are constructed by the carrier, and the consumer has no opportunity for input. We’ll let our customers customize their plans, share their features, and maximize their savings in a unique way. This facilitates wireless freedom, and that’s revolutionary.”

nTelos is also enabling wireless freedom in other ways. For example, consumers can get two iPhone 5c smartphones for what they’d pay for one at most competitors. And, with the latest LTE devices and high-speed, nationwide coverage, nTelos is the smart choice for families who want more control, more phones, more lines and truly unlimited data.