Teacher Spotlight: Shahidah Jackson

8/20/2014, 10:38 a.m.
For the past 14 years Shahidah Jackson has been teaching Health and Physical Education for 6th -8th grade at L. ...
Shahidah S. Jackson teaches health and physical education at L. Douglas Wilder Middle School.

Shahidah S. Jackson is a proud product of Richmond Public Schools. She attended Overby Shepperd Elem., Mosby Middle (currently known as Martin Luther King Middle) and John F. Kennedy High School (currently known as Armstrong High). She graduated from Old Dominion University in Norfolk in 1997 and for the past 14 years she has been teaching Health and Physical Education for 6th -8th grade at L. Douglas Wilder Middle School in Henrico County.

Throughout her profession, as well as her extra-curricular activities, Jackson says, she has been blessed to touch so many children lives that in return have also touched hers.

Jackson says teaching means so much to her.

“I take my role seriously and just like being a parent, I feel that each child has the right to be loved, nurtured and motivated by supportive and active adults,” said Jackson.

As a teacher and parent Jackson feels that she has found the right combination of ingredients for her families to continue to grow healthy and strong. That recipe includes: patience, laughter, support, unconditional but stern love, never-ending faith and the ability to be unselfish.

“As a teacher,” Jackson explains, “I make my school my second home, my co-workers become my siblings, my department members are my core family members, and my students are also now my children. “Therefore, everyone’s success and progress is now important to me, because a happy and healthy family is what we all strive to have in our families future. So why not be there to support the growth and enhancement of our own lives, but also for a better community and I can do that as a teacher/parent.”

Jackson is a mother of two. Both of her children attend Henrico County Schools—one on the elementary school level and the other on middle school.