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9/10/2013, 2:24 p.m.
On Thursday, Sept. 5, Rev. C. L. Bryant was in Richmond to meet and talk with local pastors and others ...
Rev. C.L. Bryant

By Don Blake

On Thursday, Sept. 5, Rev. C. L. Bryant was in Richmond to meet and talk with local pastors and others about his full length film and the mass of people in our nation who are "enslaved" to our federal government. This enslavement of our people, black, white and others began decades ago but came of age in the Kennedy/Johnson era.

I was blessed to have been included in a small group having breakfast with Rev. Bryant on Thursday morning. We had an hour and half of "Round Table" discussion of the "plight" of hopelessness in segments of the black community and why it continues to exist, when by law no one in our nation is denied any freedom or liberty because of the color of their skin. In one word "Government" is the problem said Rev. Bryant who was very frank in sharing his opinions.

The Movie "Runaway Slave" is about the American people’s need to run... not walk from the plantation of the Federal Government. As I watched the movie I realized that I personally knew many of those being interviewed by Rev, Bryant. I am blessed to know these men and women. The movie attracted almost 400 viewers, many of whom stayed long after to talk with Rev. Bryant, get autographs and photos and share pizza. I left at 10:30 and 15 to 20 people were still at the theatre talking to or rather listening to Rev. Bryant. It was a refreshing experience for me and I am sure for those who attended.

The one glaring issue of the Rev. Bryant event was no media coverage, before, during or after. The Richmond media cannot say they did not know of the event. They knew. Our local media just ignores conservatives, especially black conservatives. It’s as if the "conservative black's opinion has no value. Now if Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton were in town or any other so called "black leader" were in town we would read about it, see it on 6, 8 and 12, the day before, the day of and the day after.

Shame on our Richmond media for ignoring the Rev.C. L. Bryant and his feature film, "Runaway Slave". Shame on the Richmond media for ignoring "black Conservatives" as if they don't exist. They do exist and their numbers are growing. "Black conservative Christians" are coming " out of the closet." Many thanks to "The Regional Concerned Citizens" group for hosting Rev. Bryant and the " Runaway Slave" film.

The writer is a Henrico County resident.