Can Obamacare fix what ails American’s health care system?

9/6/2013, 4:16 p.m.

Yet, concerns linger on whether the average working class American, will have to pay a hefty price at the end of the day.

Obamacare, it is believed, may carry a stiff penalty for the poor and middle class.

For example, organizations opposing these health care reform measures say they are sick and tired of people glorifying the new health care law as the answer to what ails the American health care system.

The Americans for Prosperity (AFP) recently set in motion an ad campaign aimed at Obamacare. Dave Schwartz, the Virginia state director of the AFP, opposes Obamacare and Medicaid expansion efforts.

AFP, a conservative grassroots advocate for economic freedom, launched its second ad highlighting the negative consequences of President Obama’s health care law. The ad airing in Virginia and other key states nationwide and is part of an aggressive effort to educate those who stand to suffer the most under Obamacare, noted AFP.

The TV ad, called “Doctor Questions,” features the story of Dr. Gallagher, who has questions about how Obamacare is going to impact her patients and medical practice. She identifies as one of the 65 percent of doctors who believe more government intervention is detrimental to health care. She believes doctors throughout the country will face new new government mandates, rules, and red tape that will mean 190 million hours per year in new paperwork, reducing the amount of time that doctors have to see and take care of their patients.

Schwartz feels Virginian’s are ill-informed about the specifics of the new law.

“A major part of Obamacare education revolves around Medicaid expansion, which is a huge part of the law and a big problem when it comes to information,” he said. “There are so many facets to the law – there are 2,500 pages of the law and there are thousands more pages of regulations that go along with the law. There is just a lack of knowledge because of the complexity and how large it is. Anytime you’re taking over a 6th of the economy you’ve got a serious process in educating people to what is in the law and what it means for them.”

Schwartz said Obamacare will have an adverse effect on Richmonders and people statewide. “I absolutely feel that it will have negative impact on Virginia families. For those who are already Medicaid patients or prospective Medicaid patients it means, without a doubt, a lower quality of care. It means less access to doctors, it means longer waits, and it means less access to preventive care.”

Schwartz referenced a survey among doctors conducted a year ago that found that one in four doctors in the state do not accept Medicaid patients to back up his claim. “What that means is that there is going to be less access for folks who need the most help – and that is the most important part of any health care plan. This will hurt the people who need the help the most – that’s what bothers me about Obamacare.”