Author on why marriage is not an option for black women

10/23/2013, 11:28 a.m.
Maria Brinson-Sampson

Maria Brinson-Sampson, an attorney, marriage consultant and author of "I Am The Marrying Kind: A Guide to Getting Married, Staying Married and Being Happily Married" is particularly concerned about the black community because of "alarming" statistics on marriage. She notes that 70 percent of black women are not married and that infidelity in black and hispanic marriages is close to 75 percent.

Brinson-Sampson sees in her consulting that the lack of a family unit is not only detrimental to the children but to the larger community.

“Being a single mom and doing it all is NOT a badge of honor,” says Brinson-Sampson. But being in a relationship and working through challenges is.

“Let’s focus on the basic ways of treating each other,” says Brinson-Sampson, “and really learn to C-H-E-A-T: Communicate, Hesitate, Exhortate, Appreciate and Tolerate.”

Maria gives a quick test for single women to see if, in fact, they are “the marrying kind” and it is quite eye opening as it tells you why you are having difficulties.

In a highly engaging, timely and controversial manner, Brinson-Sampson discusses:

  • The quick 2-minute “Marrying Kind Test”

  • Why she feels black families in particular are in need of a recalibration of priorities

  • Why the paradigms of marriage and family have shifted so much

  • Why it is critical for society and especially the black community to change them

  • Why marriage and not simply a committed relationship is critical

If marriage is simply a result of love

  • How sometimes the marriage balance is not 50/50 and why that is “OK”

  • How she counsels executives and professionals who have a full workload to NOT use a tally sheet - - and it works!

Her book is available on common websites such as Amazon.