RPD conducts walkthrough in Jackson Ward

11/27/2013, 10:13 a.m.
“With the holiday season upon us, officers will be asking residents to reduce the occasions when packages are left on ...

Lt. Davenport said also that “The group left and began canvassing the neighborhood. With them was a flyer outlining how the neighborhood was doing as it relates to crime. In that flyer I was happy to report that we have seen a 33% reduction in violent crime in Jackson Ward as compared to last year. The neighborhood had many good things to report. They were appreciative of the efforts of the police and neighborhood association. Some even added that they would love to see the membership of the neighborhood association grow.”

Lt. Davenport reported that a couple of issues that needed improvement were also brought up. The first was noise due to some residents having parties on the weekends. Many attributed this to students in the neighborhood, he said.

“We have always and will continue to work with VCU Police in responding to those complaints. Three abandoned buildings at 606, 608, and 610 North 1st Street was also brought up by a resident. Those houses are not only an eye-sore for the neighborhood, but attract people who commit various crimes in and around the houses. We plan to monitor that block more closely and will reach out to Code Enforcement to ensure the owners are complying with all regulations,” Lt. Davenport concluded.