Military consultant moves to Langley Research and Development Park

11/18/2013, 3:42 p.m.

Threat Tec, a Hampton Roads consulting company that provides military expertise, war games exercises and virtual training for clients, is expanding and moving to Hampton.

Founded in 2012, the privately held company works with the U.S. Army and others to help them “discover, develop and innovate” solutions to military problems.

James Crawford, founder and president of Threat Tec, said they chose to move to Hampton because the new location in the Langley Research and Development Park is closer to the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard, and city officials were “inviting and accommodating.”

The company has a highly-trained group of experts - including retired leaders from the Army, Navy and Marine Corps - who specialize in the threat analysis and emulation required for realistic training exercises. Crawford said the new location not only has space for their headquarters, but room to conduct the training needed to maintain their certification and “sufficient room for anticipated growth.”

Threat Tec was scouting locations for a new home - including potential sites in Raleigh, N.C. and Frankfort, Ky. - when it found 24,317 square feet of space at 34 Research Drive in the development park. Hampton’s Economic Development Office began working with Threat Tec in July, after the company began looking at the Langley location.

The new headquarters puts Threat Tec in the center of a lively hub for businesses engaged in research and development that is just minutes from interstates 64 and 664.

"Threat Tec is a strong company with a national presence,” said Leonard Sledge, director of the city’s Economic Development office. “The City of Hampton is thrilled that Threat Tec chose to locate and expand its headquarters here."

Threat Tec’s total investment in the move to Hampton is substantial, including the purchase of a vacant building, real property improvements, equipment, and business vehicles.

The company has more than 100 employees deployed at various Army locations. The current expansion will bring 12 new jobs to Hampton.

For more information about Threat Tec, go to their website at www.ThreatTec.com. For more information about Hampton’s Economic Development Department, go to www.hampton.gov/economicdevelopment.