Democrats split over Thompson

Morrissey chastises DPVA primary over spending

Marlene Jones | 5/20/2013, 4:02 p.m.
Get “rid of a turncoat Lieberman-esque Democrat who has done way too much to empower her state's reactionary Republicans, while ...
Evandra Thompson

— After her military stint, the single mother of a two-year-old, went to Virginia Commonwealth University where she earned a bachelor's degree and later to and Strayer University where she earned a master's degree last September.

“Now, despite her youth and political inexperience, she suddenly finds herself facing the most bizarre of primary battles—being cheered on by much of the area party establishment as she takes on the incumbent," noted The Daily Kos, in the endorsement that led to a spike in fundraising for Thompson.

Both candidates had just about $2,000 each cash-on-hand prior to The daily Kos endorsement but by the ends of the day, on May 16, the website has helped Thompson raise over $4,000 more. In the four days following that May 16 endorsement, more than 1,900 people helped Thompson raise an unprecedented $28,769.

"We haven't often engaged in state-level legislative races, but we have a fantastic opportunity here," noted the website and its political director, David Nir.

Morrissey has urged the Democratic Party of Virginia to stay neutral in the primary race. The Democratic Party By-laws prohibit the DPVA from taking position in a Democratic Primary, said Morrissey, who is also an attorney.

Morrissey's office said he was "shocked" to learn that the party granted Dance use of the parties "steeply discounted" non-profit postage permit and denied it to Thompson, after initially offering equal use.

"The message behind the Daily Kos’s endorsement for Thompson echoes the thoughts and feelings of many residents in the 63rd District who have rallied behind Evandra," said Thompson's campaign. "Delegate Dance’s Republican voting record and political agenda have over-stayed their welcome in the 63rd House District. Indeed, her failure to represent the Democratic values of her constituents has generated national attention."