City cuts time allowed for street parking

Cars with disability placards can park for 2 hours

6/13/2013, 4:11 p.m.

— The days of parking your car in Richmond for four hours worry-free because your have a disabled parking placard have ended.

Parking for vehicles with disabled parking placards is now limited to two hours in the Central Business District. The change from the previous four-hour time limit was approved by City Council in late May after a recent survey revealed that downtown parking spaces are often occupied for an extended time by vehicles displaying disabled parking placards. This had limited access for other placard holders, as well as other motorists needing parking spaces.

"Due to an increase in the demand for parking spaces and the limited turnover of parking in the Central Business District, Council adopted Ordinance No. 2013-108-74 to provide for two hours of parking time," the city said in a press release. "The city is committed to ensuring that on-street parking is managed effectively for short-term access in business districts.)

The Central Business District is defined as Interstate 95 to the North and East, the Downtown Expressway to the South and Belvidere Street to the West; which includes the neighborhoods of Jackson Ward, Monroe Ward, City Center District, Capital District, Central Office District, and the Biotech and MCV District. Four hour parking will still be allowed outside of the Central Business District for those with disability placards.

While the city ordinance is immediately in effect, warnings will be issued until June 30. Violators will be fined $20. Additionally, when parking in a time restricted location, Chapter 102, section 275 of the City’s code stipulates it is possible to receive up to three tickets for permitting a vehicle to stand in the same parking place during the same day.