Republicans and diversity

6/12/2013, 9:43 a.m.
The roundtable discussion was held at Ball Office Products in Richmond

— Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli recently hosted a roundtable discussion in Richmond with a dozen women business and community leaders from the area. And according to the Cuccinelli campaign, the Republican nominee for governor led the group in an open-ended discussion on the challenges facing Virginia job creators, businesses, families and workers. Cuccinelli also laid out his vision for securing Virginia’s economic future and easing burdens for families.

“One of my primary goals during this campaign is to spend the bulk of my time listening to Virginians from across the commonwealth," said Cuccinelli, following the June 10 event. "Voters will have plenty of time to hear from Terry McAuliffe [The Democratic nominee] and me, but I think it's critically important that the policies we put forward are informed by the real concerns and priorities of leaders, job creators and families.

"The conversation we had today with women leaders from the Richmond area yielded specific and concrete ideas on how we can move our commonwealth forward and secure our economic future for our children."

While the conversation was one many business owners would have loved to have, it left some scratching their heads because of the visible absence of any African American woman at the table.

It is unclear if this was an oversight, or if those African Americans invited (if any) just didn't make the event, or some other reason. If you are an African American woman, would the lack of diversity at the table offend you, especially since Cuccinelli is running to represent all Virginians?