Kids at center of new Redskins tradition

7/25/2013, 4:01 p.m.

— Of all the surprises the Redskins bring to training camp in Richmond, one stood out this morning. When the walkthroughs were complete, the players jogged over to the sidelines and did something totally unexpected.

Sure, they signed autographs for the crowd of 3,600. However they also reached in and plucked a young person from the crowd. The player then walked across the field with the child, chatting them up about whatever came to mind. Stephen Bowen was telling his partner about playing running back when he was the young man’s age.

They signed a final autograph, shook hands and hugs, and went on their merry way. The player headed to lunch, and the children were escorted back to smiling parents. It was one of those unexpected delights that only gets better. We found out a little later that the players are going to do this with children after each walkthrough in Richmond.