African Children's Chior performs in Hampton

Jordan Crawford | 7/18/2013, 10:48 a.m.
To raise awareness of the need of destitute and orphaned children in Africa and to raise funds for continued development ...
The African Children's Choir wows Warwick Assembly of God with energetic song and dance.

Over the next few years, six more children’s homes were resurrected to care for vulnerable children made orphans due to the war. Additionally, the African Children’s Choir established numerous literacy schools in Uganda where hundreds of children are learning how to read and write.

As the children mature, the program has developed a sponsorship arm allowing all the educational needs of the children to be met through secondary school, and most of the children continue to college.

Music for life prepares its children to be ambassadors for their respective countries. Many of the children who have gone through its program have become doctors, lawyers, educators, engineers, and members of congress.

After seeing the world on a tour, Dr. Robert Kalyesubulaa, a former member of the African Children’s Choir, returned to Uganda with a vision to give back to his community.

“Before I joined the African Children’s Choir I was actually out of school. I didn’t have food to eat and I didn’t even have clothes to wear. I didn’t know where to sleep because we were 10 children sharing one house. When I joined the ACC, everything changed. They provided for me food, they provided for me shelter, and I was able to play with the others without fearing and wondering what I was going to eat the next day.”

Dr. Kalyesubulaa attended medical school in Kampala for his first degree, and then earned his Master’s Degree in Internal Medicine. “This is a country where there are only three nephrologists for a population of 30 million people,” said Kalyesubulaa. He now works in the village he was born in.

His brothers were also members of the children’s choir. One became a doctor, and the other a civil engineer.

The African Children’s Choir has performed before presidents, heads of state and the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, for her diamond jubilee. The Choir has also sung alongside such artists as, Paul McCartney, Annie Lennox, Keith Urban, Mariah Carry, Michael W. Smith, and other inspirational performers.

With soothing melodies, and rhythmic dance steps, the African Children’s Choir helps its vulnerable children today, become Africa’s saviors tomorrow.