Ad campaign meant to help woman find husband

12/31/2013, 10:45 a.m.
The year-long project will showcase Clement’s weekly date journey to find a husband. She is asking the Richmond community, and ...
Daviece Clement PHOTO: Nirvana Salon

Daviece Clement is gearing up for a new year with a resolution to meet a wonderful man and be married in a few years. The 32-year-old hairstylist, is stepping out from behind the chair to embark on a new personal endeavor called, “54 Dates To A Mate.”

The year-long project will showcase Clement’s weekly date journey to find a husband. She is asking the Richmond community, and women in particular, to intoduce her to available men they know. They can introduce these eligible bachelors via email or via the 54dates.com website and each week, Clement’s real-life girlfriends and interns will determine who will be her date.

“It’s a little scray because I’ll be totally out of control,” said Clement. “When working on this campaign, I often found myself wondering, ‘What will he be like? How will he act?’

The “How Many Dates Will It Take?” ad campaign launching the project and website rolled out Dec. 30.

A former Martin Agency ad executive, launching a campaign is nothing new for Daviece, whose worked for some large brands like Verizon and Diet Coke.

The 54 Dates campaign launches with a website, an online video, a billboard on I-95 South, posters around the city, and social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Since Clement’s manhunting campaign could tilt the scales financially, she is, quite naturally, looking for sponsors to help with the costs. Clement is enlisting the help of local restaurants and date spots to host her dates and get the local community involved in her journey.

For Daviece, “54 Dates” is not an undertaking just to help her meet her man, however. This campaign is to show others, especially women, that it’s okay to be unconventional and to live life colorfully.

Clement, who switched careers a few years ago at the top of her game and is now a hairstylist, does not think she has a few loose marbles. “I’m not afraid to take a risk in order to pursue happiness,” she said.

What does Clement’s family think of the bold moves she plans on making in her quest for love?

According to published reports, Gwendolyn Clement, the young woman’s grandmother, is used to her whims, so this latest venture comes as no surprise. “She is the type of youngster that’ll try things,” said Gwendolyn, who lives in Long Island, N.Y., where she helped raise her granddaughter. “She’ll try anything that comes to her mind.” The senior has, however, warned her granddaughter about casting her line in unknown waters, “I told her you had to be careful because you can attract people who are undesirable,” the elderly woman told the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Heeding the advice of friends and family and in spite of what she’s been told, Clement is still determined to go for the gusto stating, “I already had a dream that I was going to be on ‘Good Morning America’ with my husband,” she said. “I’m not joking. It’s going to happen.”

Following the campaign launch will be a 1st Date Kick-Off Party sponsored by a local business. Clement’s first date takes place on Jan. 3 at Balliceaux.