Local pharmacy looking for longevity

Jordan Crawford | 8/21/2013, 4:06 p.m.
The Hampton Health Mart is looking to become a staple in the community.
Hampton Health Mart owners, Richard and Sonal McPhee

Think back to when your neighborhood drug store was owned by your dad’s friend who also sang tenor in the local church choir. Remember that as you entered and left, every greeting and farewell sounded sincere and not as if it was being recited from a script? Liken this to today and you have the Hampton Health Mart.

Located on West Mercury Boulevard next to MedExpress Urgent Care Center and Goodman’s Glass, the independently-owned family pharmacy strives to become a staple in its community as a viable alternative to the other 11 pharmacies nearby.

Hampton Health Mart owners, Richard and Sonal McPhee who both studied at Albany College of Pharmacy, established the shop in January. Their business plan was simple: fast and friendly service, convenience, accuracy, and competitive prices.

This more personable approach to satisfying the medicinal needs of the community is how the McPhees intend to give customers an incentive to return.

The pharmacy offers many services and products including flu shots, private-label and over-the-counter medications, bathroom aids, canes and walkers, diabetic supplies, immunizations, and many others.

The 2,200 square foot pharmacy also has a notary public available, and offers same-day home delivery of medical products.

All insurances are accepted including TRICARE, Medicare-D, Optima, Medicaid, Express Scripts, Caremark, BCBS FEP, Humana, AARP, Medco, and Anthem.

Mr. McPhee admits that the location of his business was no chance happening. “We purposefully chose to locate right next to MedExpress because it does not refill prescriptions,” he said. “When their customers walk out their store, instead of having to travel somewhere else to then have their prescriptions refilled, they can simply turn to their left and come have their prescriptions refilled in our store.”

Mr. and Mrs. McPhee pride themselves on the quickness and accuracy of their business transactions with their customers. The two, along with the aid of fellow pharmacist and shop worker, Laura Pafford, have perfected their practice into a five to 10 minute interaction with each customer.

Some may think that a small pharmacy, or any small business, cannot afford to offer low prices. Mr. McPhee is proving that his small business can get by on such an offer.

“I do not want to have the price be the reason not to do business with us. I want to give them the most bang for their buck,” said Mr. McPhee. “A small operation does not have to cause customers more pay for its benefits.”

According to the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA), independently-owned community pharmacies rank highest in customer satisfaction among publicly traded pharmacy chains and volume-driven mail order pharmacies.

In a survey conducted by Consumer Reports magazine, 94 percent of survey respondents said they were highly satisfied with their experiences at independent pharmacies, based on personal service, knowledge, and speed in filling prescriptions.

The 2010 Gallup annual Honesty and Ethics survey ranked pharmacists as the third most trusted profession.

To see everything the Hampton Health Mart offers, visit www.hamptonhealthmart.com