"The Bop" talks social issues

Jordan Crawford | 8/7/2013, 3:38 p.m.
Malik Pridgen also known as "The Bop" is trying to "elevate the mind" through his social conscience music.
"The Bop" has lived in Newport News for 10 years and is working to uplift the community through socially conscience music.

LL Cool J meets Lil Jon. Writer and Producer, Malik Pridgen, aka The Bop’s debut mixtape fuses together the soft, melodious rapping style of the 80s, with the loud, club-banging, southern rap genre of the new millennium.

The “party music with a message” CD inspires listeners to “never give up” while mentioning the U.S. Soldiers in Iraq and Medicare; it protests street violence and injustice with featured song “Why the Good Die Young” dedicated to Trayvon Martin, and of course, expresses The Bop’s strong attraction to the ladies.

Pridgen, who lived in Newport News for 10 years, is part of a group called Virginia’s Illest Poets, or VIP. He is currently building his fan base by performing in local shows.

“My music is used to elevate the mind,” said Pridgen. He composed this four-track CD in response to the 10-year-old senseless murder of a young man at a Food Tiger grocery store, over a woman.