Thank you for your interest in The VOICE. Please see below for our frequently asked questions (FAQs).

How can I access archives and past editions?

We encourage you to make picking up our editions a part of your weekly routine.

A new edition of The Richmond VOICE is available for pick up at numerous locations each Wednesday. A new edition of The Hampton Roads VOICE is available for pick up each Friday.

Should you miss an edition, we can only make one copy per person available for up to 10 people and for up to four weeks after the publication date. These copies are available at our Richmond office: 205 E. Clay St. Call 804-644-9060 and make sure you have the exact date of the edition you are interested in.

Alternately, we archive our past editions in microfiche at the Library of Virginia, 800 E. Broad St. in downtown Richmond. For details on how to access these archives, call the Library of Virginia at 804-692-3500.

How do I submit an article, commentary and letter to the editor?

On occasion, we publish well-written, timely and interesting stories, opinion pieces and letters to the editor from our readers.

Articles should be written in third person, be well researched, accurate and objective. Commentaries can be written in first person and be no more than 500 words. Letters can also be written in first person and should be no more than 250 words.

The VOICE reserves the right to edit all submitted pieces for accuracy, clarity, grammar, space and style.

How do I submit community events for publication? 

The VOICE dedicates one page in each weekly edition to community events hosted by nonprofits and others in the communities we serve.

Only free events will be considered for publication and MUST be submitted by e-mail to editor@voicenewspaper.com at least two weeks prior to the event. Include only the bare minimum details covering the “who, what, where, when and how” of the event. Space is limited and is used on a first come, first served basis. Flyers are not acceptable.

How can I become an intern for The VOICE? 

The VOICE typically hosts two interns per semester (spring, summer or fall).

To be considered, you must be a junior or senior student at an accredited institution of higher learning seeking credit. You must also be able to submit a resume and a minimum of three pieces of original writing. These can be on any topic and will be used to evaluate your writing abilities and grasp on the essentials of English. Submit them to editor@voicenewspaper.com.